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IQRA'... Read was the first word revealed to the prophet PBUH. As parents, we realize the importance of encouraging our children to read, but are we aware of the contents they are reading? How are children's books affecting your child's perception of the world around them and shaping their personalities?

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We read every single book before reviewing it to ensure thorough Islamic inspection. Check out our list of reviewed books here!

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We are constantly adding new titles to our reviews list. Click here to find out which books we have recently reviewed and which ones will be coming up next!

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Welcome to Muslim Reviews!

This site provides reviews of English novels from an Islamic perspective while highlighting significant points of interest to the Muslim reader. Learn the contents of the book you’re about to pick out before flipping through the first page! Choose age- and Islamically-appropriate book content for your children to read at home or at your Islamic school by reading our reviews written by Muslim critics. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or an avid reader, this site will serve as a starting point in your next book selection!


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