This website was initiated due to the dire need for such service catering to Muslim guardians. Our children nowadays are being bombarded by all sorts of information from countless outlets each and every single day and are trying to navigate their way through life with their limited understanding of Islam and the society around them. And parents are very busy keeping up with the daily demands of life which makes it almost impossible to read each book before it is presented to their children. Having an open communication channel with your children is important but some information is presented in books very subtly that even your children may miss speaking to you about them. We are in no way suggesting limiting the information that’s being passed down in books, we are just voicing our concerns regarding some ideologies in these books while encouraging dialogues between parents and their children and yes, maybe help parents sway their children away from certain books if they contain Haram content or content that is not age appropriate. I hope, with the blessings of Allah, this website helps you stay up to date with all the books your child is reading by providing you with the key point of information presented in each title from an Islamic perspective. The reviews were made precise, concise, and quick to navigate through for your convenience.

I hope you find this website beneficial and please help us improve it by offering your constructive criticisms and book recommendations.

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