Rainbow Magic: Sunny the Yellow Fairy

By Daisy Meadows

From the back cover

Fairyland is home to seven colourful sisters. Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies! They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright. But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters are in big trouble. If they don’t return soon, Fairyland is doomed to be gray forever!

A trial of sparkly yellow dust lands Rachel and Kirsten in a very sticky situation! Could Sunny the Yellow Fairy be at the bottom of it?

In a gist…

This book is all about fairy magic. The fairies heal animals with their magic wands. Aside from the magic part being haram in Islam, I like the empathy displayed towards creatures of Allah.

Extramarital Love/Relationship








Degradation of Family/ Islamic values


Final Verdict

I feel if you make your children aware of the impermissibility of magic in Islam and that Allah is Ashafee (The Healer), this book would have no negative influence on young readers.

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