Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur

By Elizabeth Singer Hunt

From the back cover

Meet Jack Stalwart, Code name COURAGE. Jack is an ordinary kid who becomes a secret agent by night, thwarting evil all over the world as he searches for his missing brother, Max.


An eager young scientist has brought to life a dangerous flesh-eating dinosaur by crossing its DNA with that of his pet dog, Freddie. Can Secret Agent Jack Stalwart capture the dinosaur before it destroys New York City?

My thoughts…

There are 14 books in this series. This is a review of the first one.

I like this type of books for the thrill it provides young readers and the ideologies it instills that they can achieve so much more with knowledge and courage. It gives children the feeling that the world is truly at their fingertips and all they have to do is work hard towards their passion. Jack Stalwart learns about geography and the species of dinosaurs in the midest of an exciting adventure. Jack Stalwart’s adventures are fascinating and educational at the same time, but they are carried out without the knowledge of his parents.


In a gist…

Extramarital Love/Relationship



None. There’s a dinosaur that destroys streets and scares people but does not lead to any casualties or physical human harm.





Degradation of Family/Islamic Values

None. With the exception that the main character has joined the Secret Agency without the knowledge of his parents and is transported to different destinations around the world at night to carry out his missions.

Positive messages

  • Jack Stalwart risks his life by joining the Secret Agency in an attempt to find his missing older brother.
  • Jack Stalwart is very well-mannered among adults
  • This book provides a brief introduction to New York City, and it seems that each book in the series focuses on a country/city with some information provided.
  • A nice lesson on dinosaurs is presented in an interesting manner.

Final Verdict

Children would find this book exciting for it’s adventurous content and parents would be delighted for the history and dinosaur lessons interwound within the storyline. There is, however, a number of grammatical and spelling mistakes that left me wondering where the editor was at while editing the book.

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