Sideways Stories from Wayside School

By Louis Sachar

From the back cover

Maybe you should go to Wayside School. You’ll meet Bebe, the fastest draw in art class; John, who only reads upside down; and Sammy, the new kid – he’s a real rat. Come on! Hurry up! If you’re late for class, Mrs. Gorf will turn you into an app… Oops. Sorry about that.

In a gist…

I really don’t understand the point of the stories of this book. Each chapter consists of a short story concerning a character from Wayside School. The stories are very random, some I found bizarre- like the girl who couldn’t figure out a reason for having toes where the yard teacher offers to cut them off and pay for each one of them, or the dead rat that attended the class in disguise. Honestly, the whole point of this book is lost on me, I can’t for the life of me figure out what my children could come out with after reading this book. I see no benefit whatsoever to be honest.

Extramarital Love/Relationship

A boy gets stuck on his seat and a female classmate suggests she gives him a kiss to free him. He screams to the teacher “throw water on me. Tickle me. Cut off my pants. Hang me upside down from the ceiling. But don’t let her kiss me!” She kisses him on the nose and frees him.


– A girl is offered money to chop off her toes.
– A kid jumps off a building to reach the playground before everyone else.
– A teacher is turned into an apple and a staff member eats her.


Mild language like: stupid, dirty pig, ugly, and dumb.



Degradation of Family/ Islamic Values


Final Verdict

Overall, this book is just full of bizarre mini-stories. I see no benefit for your children in reading it other than language development and wild imagination triggers I suppose…

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