The Great Shelby Holmes

By Elizabeth Eulberg 


From the back cover

As we rounded another corner, Shelby’s eyes go big. She looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. There, parked outside a deli on the opposite side of the street was a cop car with its lights flashing.
Shelby clapped her hands together excitedly. “Watson, I’ve got work to do”.

My thoughts…

John Watson’s mother finally settles with her son in New York City after years of moving around the United States serving at different military bases. Being new to the city, Watson finds himself shadowing his peculiar, yet interesting, neighbor Shelby Holmes: a self-proclaimed best detective in NYC. Watson not only helps his neighbour solve her new case, but also gains a friend along the way.
This book would attract to many young readers for its mysterious plot line and the kids’ impressive detective skills.
The book contains platonic relationship between John Watson and Shelby Holmes.

In a gist…

Extramarital Love/Relationship

– John Watson’s parents are going through a divorce. Not much details are given.
– Platonic relationship between John and Shelby
– In chapter 14, Shelby acts awkwardly around one of the male characters. She speaks nicely with him, which she never does with anyone, and she takes hold of his hand. John suggests she is flirting with him however, at the end of the book it is revealed that what was perceived as “flirtation” was only Shelby collecting clues to solve her case.







Degradation of Family/Islamic Values

– John’s parents are going though a divorce where his mother takes him and settles to New York and the father moves elsewhere. Throughout the book, John remembers his father and wishes he was with them. John’s father does not call when he promises to call throughout the story until the end of the book where the father-son relationship seems to heal upon his father’s call.

Final Verdict

This book contains interesting details about detective work and shows Shelby’s plausible abilities at collecting clues and solving mysteries around the city. John is very respectful of his parents and does not keep secrets from his mother. John and Shelby are engaged in an innocent platonic relationship.