The Familiars: Secrets of the Crown

By Adam Jay Epstein

From the back cover

Alderney felt his stomach do a somersault for the second time that day. But unlike before, it wasn’t adrenaline or gravity that was twisting his insides. It was the realization that something terrible had befallen Vastia.
****Human Magic was gone!****

My thoughts…

This book is the second book in The Familiars trilogy. The story revolves around animals and humans with magic abilities and necromancy. Wizards, sorcerers, magic and fairies that make rain fall with their wings. Skylar is a bluejay that can cast realistic illusions, Aldwyn is a cat with telekinetic abilities, and Gilbert, the frog that can see the future in waters. The story talks of some gods and different belief systems like praying to the “cloud gods”. Read on for the details.

In a gist…

Extramarital Love/Relationship

Chapter 2: A quick mention of “affection” between a girl and a boy.
Chapter 7: The animals tease the bluejay about having a boyfriend causing her to blush.


  • Talk of a Dead Army rising.
  • Illustrations of zombies with eaten flesh and missing limbs lighting fires to innocent civilian houses.
  • A killing of a villain cat occurs at the end.


The word butt is mentioned.



Degradation of Family/Islamic Values

  • A prophecy that the three familiars will save the land from destruction.
  • Some of the animal characters come from broken families. The cat struggles with the idea that his parents abandoned him as a baby but the reasons become clear towards the end of the book.
  • Chapter 8: Trying to ease his cat friend’s pain over his perception of his father, the frog states “our parents aren’t always the people we want them to be”. However, the cats finds proof towards the end of the book that his parents were misjudged and were true heroes.
  • The animals perform miracles.
  • Chapter 7: Reference to “the gods”.
  • Chapter 2: A bird speaks to the dead. Trying to form contact with the spirits is forbidden in Islam.
  • Chapter 6: The animals encounter an idol that requires a drop of blood as sacrifice to open a gate.
  • Skylar, the bluejay, learns necromancy to try and bring her sister back from the dead.
  • A man eats a plant that makes him immortal and stops his aging.

Final Verdict

This is like the Harry Potter of pre-teens. Aside from the above mentioned points, the book supports the idea of the afterlife by referring to is as the “Tomorrowlife” but opens the doors to possibilities of talking to the dead and even bringing them back to life. Attempting interaction with dead spirits is forbidden in Islam.


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